Happyland Hospitality

Happy Land Group Al Bawakir Food & Entertainment, a business unit operating under Al Bawakir Enterprises, has been established to seek out strategic alliances and franchises in the food and entertainment field that best fit the Qatari market. Al Bawakir have identified the gaps and opportunities in these fields and is working on bringing in the best regional and international providers to satisfy the needs within the food and entertainment segments.


Every premium opportunity starts with something great at its core and everything at Cook Door is the culmination of the vision, life experiences, education, personal philosophies, talents, culinary explorations and love of its founders, from a family business to a shareholding company.

Cook Door first opened in Cairo, Egypt in 1988, today; the chain has become one of the leading quick-service restaurants, in Egypt and the MENA region. Al Bawakir has brought the Cook Door brand to the Qatari market and is currently operating more than one branch of this popular fast-food restaurant.

Cook door brings passion to the dining experience, a passion that is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant's operations. It is a passion that is tangible in the quality of the ingredients, in the composition of each sandwich, and in the warmth and smiles of each member of the staff.


Entertainment is a passion for the entertainer and a source of joy for the crowds. This excitement can be viewed across young and old, individuals and family units, and every other demographic in the society. Hence, and due to the fact that entertainment has a wide range of applications, Al Bawakir team are currently approaching international providers in the fields of creative entertainment who will offer boundless forms of amusement to the local populations in Qatar.